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On the Watertown Seal is a picture of an English Colonist and an Indian exchanging, as peace tokens,  bread for fish.  Captain Roger Clap landed at Nantasket Point in 1630 and rode up Charles River to Gerry's Landing with the first party of Watertown Colonists.
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Geographic & Topographic Information
Watertown Location
Watertown is located in Middlesex County in Eastern Massachusetts, six miles northwest of Boston on the Charles River. It is bordered on the North by Belmont and Cambridge, on the South by Boston and Newton, and on the West by Waltham.

The population of 32,986, is settled in a land area of 4.17 square miles. The population density is 7,910 persons per square mile. Although densely settled, there are many open areas, i.e. parks, cemeteries, and riverbanks. The Town has some hills and the soil is moist and of good texture.

The town is located 30 ft. above mean sea level and has a normal January temperature of 29.9° F while normal July temperature is 73.7° F. The normal annual precipitation is 42.77 inches.

Strong Cultural Ties
Watertown has a unique human resource in the diversity of its ethnic base. The richness of ethnic heritage is a hallmark of activities, social, and civic in the Town. Strong cultural ties to the Armenian, Irish, Italian, Canadian, Greek, and other communities enrich the daily life of Watertown’s residents and visitors.